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Casting technology

Economic and forward-looking

MPC Industrietechnik GmbH specialises in the manufacture of heat- and wear-resistant cast steel products. MPC products are used wherever materials are subject to high stress.

Power plants

Protective shells
Protective shells
air nozzles floors
Air nozzles floors

air nozzles
Air nozzles

In the field of power plant technology our main focus is on steam generators, MPC produced and installed spare parts such as grate bars for travelling grates, air nozzles for fluidised bed combustion plus other high quality heat- and wear-resistant cast components to ensure your maintenances are completed quickly and at reasonable expense.


Air nozzles
Protective shells
Immersion tubes

Waste incineration plants

Pre-assembled grate runs for incineration lines
Pre-assembled grate runs for incineration lines

MPC Industrietechnik GmbH supplies hardwearing cast components for waste incineration plant furnaces, air- and water-cooled grate bars made of heat-resistant materials, panels, side walls and other cast components for combustion grates. We have over 25 years experience in the trade.

cast components for waste incineration plant furnaces
1. Grate bars 2. Roller grates 3. Water-cooled grate bars


Grate bars
Front panels
Side walls
Guide beams
Roof components

Grinding & crushing

Drive heads - Insert heads
1. Drive heads 2. Insert heads

MPC is the right place for you if you are looking for durability and functional reliability. Whether it’s beater, impact, roller or tube ball mills, we supply wear-resistant spare parts for your mill technology to your specification in conformity with the highest quality standards.


Table liner segments
Armoured plates
Beater strips

Materials handling


The handling of bulk goods on conveyor systems exposes carriers, scrapers and drag links to high wear and tear. That means these components must be manufactured to a high quality.

MPC has specialised in the casting and forging of parts subject to wear and tear for many years and we ensure your conveyor systems run reliably over the long term.


Fork link chains
Components for roller grates
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